Saturday, July 26, 2008

hufquack! i posted it for the two stores on sutter st. that will be closing on the 3rd

they also made a paire of nikw air max 1's and they only have 25 pairs made in the world very ltd. these were released a while back but just to bring it back i want to post it becuase the two stores on sutter st. are closing down but the skate shop will be staying.

pics by google...

my top 5 nike sb highs


my top 5 nike sb mids


my top 10 nike sb lows


Friday, July 25, 2008

michael dinh's saines... it makes alot of sense!

the sky is blue
no reason to be blue
the sun is yellow
be the bright ass fellow
with the fresh kicks
just don't wanna worry about the ticks
negativity is killing
the postiivity... creavitity
you should have
don't let anyone
bring yah down
whip that nasty frown
smile like you just got paid
got that fresh line up fade
shirts dirty tricks clean
no reason to be mean......
and hate, faith its me not you
stop that ridicilous shit mate.
no reasson to brag
every reason not to be a fag....
about someones success
make the better not the less.

my top 10 favorite nike blazer's

my top 10 i got more but these are my top

keith hufnagel sighned hat!

well i went to huf and i bought a pair of shoes so then i was like i need a hat huf hat to match so i bought the hat and then i saw keith huf. rolling up a Nike sb floor mat so then i asked the dude at the register for a sharpie and then i got it signed

micheal dinh skate video's

theres more but ill be posting them up time by time

michael dinh's skate videos

well im not going to post all of them all at once but here is like two of them
and visit him at and subscribe to his videos
also comment and all those things to do him and freinds are incredible at skating

Intergalactic entertainment!

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Trak Star

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my mixtape coming out called best works